Ovilia Chyntya Devi, the Leader of the QA Team

Ovilia Chyntya Devi is the leader of quality assurance at Blankontech. She is also the first and most outstanding QA in Blankontech. Sometimes we are impressed at how she exceeded our expectations in tests and being a leader.

The work and the team

When Ovi first joined Blankontech, she handled the internal project and some clients before being contracted by Sejasa for the last four months. She also managed other projects like the internal partnership project and PMS projects. But recently, PMS has been held mainly by Alfi, her teammate, and Ovi is more on managing for Sejasa project.

Even though Ovi and Alfi handle the same project with individual profiles, they still work as a team. 

“Even if we work by our own tickets, we still have to know each other progress and understand each other work”

Ovi said having each other back to grow up together is essential. It is also just in case one of them has an overloaded ticket or has a sudden condition that blocks their work so that they can back up each other.

Ovi as a Leader

Since Ovi is the leader, she has to make all the tickets in 2 weeks sprint. Ovi also sets the priority and urgency in each ticket based on the project’s timeline, so there is also a time estimation for each ticket, so she and Alfi will get easier to manage the work. 

“We must communicate a lot, not only with Alfi but will all related persons in the projects.”

Ovi said that as a QA, she communicates with PM, Dev, and many stakeholders because many requirements need more assurance to avoid miss-flow. As well, in the internal project, Ovi and Alfi usually communicate with the Dev team and PM.

The hardship as QA Leader

the tribulation mostly comes from the technical side, like the blocked tickets that need more requirements but are already assigned to them. Ovi said there is no hardship in their teamwork because Ovi and Alfi understand each other very well.

“Mostly about the lack of documentation, so we still wait for the confirmation to PRD, or sometimes the feature is not ready yet. That’s why we always write the PIC of the related features, so we know whom to ask if there is any problem.” 

Topic besides work

Ovi said that she and Alfi mostly talk about food! They both love eating, and if there is a food they must try, they recommend it to each other. They also like to talk about each experience in previous work and where they go on the weekend.


Ovi’s weekly sprint

In QA Team’s sprint that week, they mostly had to make the test cases because the feature was still in dev in progress. 

“Even when the feature is still in progress, we can speed up the QA Process by making test cases based on the ticket’s requirement, design and PRD.”

Each team member in the Tech department (including QA) will do a daily meeting to sync. About what they did yesterday and what they will be working on today since all in the tech department will likely share the same project. 

Ovi is also joining the team lead and will sync on Tuesday / Wednesday to communicate their goal and objective in the current sprint.

The Routine

After she comes to the office, she usually opens slack and prepares the tickets for the test in the sprint. She also spread the ticket in the backlog that comes from a client, so she and Alfi could directly make the test case. Sometimes she also checks the schedule for meeting with the client.

Tips from Ovi as QA Leader

The first tip from Ovi is to accept another member’s opinion and continuously self-developing. If there is any problem, communicate with the team and related PIC so we can help each other. 

So, it’s OK always to ask your partner when you are unsure about something related to the task. Don’t be shy!


Jira, Click up, TestRail, Slack, Google Spreadsheet, Google Slide.

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