Every content we build could provide significant value for our audience. Albert Einstein said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” So, we help people to build their tech startups by providing a dedicated tech team to work on the product. Affiliate program by BlankonTech is a program from BlankonTech that offers passive income. We would like to invite you on a potential affiliate partnership with us and believe that you have some audience looking for or fitting our service.

About BlankonTech

As a software development company, we bring experienced professionals in fields to handle digital products technically and produce world-class products. We ensure that the digital product can be complete on time and within budget. Blankon Technology Solution is work with and trusted by decacorn startups like RoomPriceGenie for 5+ years working together and still counting. Even with big organizations like World Health Organization with 1+ years working together.

Benefit of Affiliate Program

Here are some of the benefits that you will get when you join the BlankonTech affiliate program:

  1. Easy Register, you just need 1 click to registers your account by filling the form and get trust tracking 24/7 real-time.
  2. Perfect Commicions, as an affiliate partner, you will be get passive income 4% each monthly as long as clients affiliated by you still working with us. Get until $400 passively as commission every single month. The best part is we have a minimum 1 year contract with our clients, so it’s total guarantee $4800 annual commission per client you bought to us.
  3. Media Marketing, Blankontech give you a freedom to be creative to promote our service on various marketing channel

How to Become an Affiliate

This is a step by step how you can get started with affiliate program with BlankonTech and start making money.

  1. Create Account, you need to register your account by create account and filling out the form at blankon partner. Then you need to fill in primary data like your first name, last name, email, and password. Then click sign up. To login into your dashboard, just input your email and password and click login and your dashboard is already done. You can find any information about the partnership in affiliate programs like commission, payout history, and list of your client.
  2. Create Affiliate Link, go to click on your profile in the top right corner and click settings. In the affiliate code section, you can create your unique code, which can be a combination of letters and number, then click update profile. Finally, your affiliate link has been successfully created, and you can also see it in the overview section and copy the link. Ensure you always include this link in every content marketing you make. So, we can track potential clients you get from every prospect who clicks on the link.

Now you won’t miss the opportunity to help a lot people to get the best source to build a their own startup and making passive income with join to affiliate program Blankontech.

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