Build a team startup – A little story before we get into the discussion, yesterday I went to the restaurant and ate with my family, we talked much while waiting for the food about random things, and it was funny until one of my nieces came to me and asked 1 question,

“why the table has four legs?”
It’s an unpredictable question, honestly. So I quickly answered
“To make it balance.”

Because of my niece’s question, I decided to create this article. We can imagine that the table is a startup, so the startup needs “legs” to balance and work properly. As I said before, table need “legs” to make the table balance, usable, and work properly. The startup also needs “legs” to make it balance, work properly, and succeed. We can call the “leg” as a Foundation or pillars.

When you build a team startup, you have to know about the pillars that must be fulfilled.


Finance is one of the urgent pillar that must have. Without a finance team, your startup will be tricky because no team manages accounting, record keeping, administrative work, and cash flow.
Also, as an owner, you might have next year’s plan for your business, and the finance team can forecast the budget for your project so you can prepare for major costs well in advance based on the budget forecasting report. there are two traits of quality that the finance team must have to build team for startup;

  • Problem solver: Every business will have problems or issues, and they could be internal problems or external problems. With a finance person with an Innate problem-solver, you can be calmer when your startup has a financial crisis. They will always have an answer to solving every problem.
  • Analytical skills: With analytical skills, your finance team can readily embrace and utilize their analytical skills to create waves in your startup.
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You can not run your startup with one person only, which means you will work with many people or employees that you have, with various characters and personalities, and you need to manage all of them. It will be easy if you have a team that drives your employees. With the Human Resource team, you can manage your employees. They will help you by choosing the right person for your team. Also, it can help you handle an issue with the employees, so you can focus and spend your time on your business strategy. There are four traits of quality that human resources must have to build team for your startup;

  • Organization: As human resources, they should have knowledge of the organization, such as recruiting processes, federal and state employment regulations and policies, employee benefits, and more.
  • Effective Communication: With effective communication, human resource can do their job effectively and minimize the risk of misunderstanding. This skill can be implemented in interviewing job applicants, working through employee conflicts, or meeting with management to discuss updated or new policies and procedures.
  • Kindness and Understanding: The human resource will also handle difficult and sensitive situations. That’s why they must take a kind and understanding approach to those situations.
  • Strong Ethics: Every company will never want their highly sensitive information and data on employees, and the company becomes insecure. You will be expected to keep this information as secure as possible. That’s why having strong ethics is a must.


Whatever business sectors you run, either services or manufacturers, you will need a team to make that happen. Your business will be nothing without them. Your operation team will drive your business to be good or bad. By choosing the right operation team, your business will be good because they will deliver good products or services to your clients or customers. There are two traits of quality that the operation team must have;

  • Speed and Effectiveness: working or solving with speed and effectiveness is a trait your operation team must have. Working with speed and effectiveness can deliver the service or product faster and increase the revenue of your business. Solving with speed and effectiveness will also help your business when a problem arises because your production team detects the issue more quickly than it will solve.
  • Learn from Failures: There is always something that will happen, and failures are inevitable. Having a team that always knows the root cause can help to prevent the same failure.


It would be best to market your business to find new customers and keep your sales pipeline full. With this team, your business will work smoothly because they will find a way to sell your products or services.
there are many traits of quality that an operation team must have;

  • Growth mindset: As a marketing team, it will be best if they are learners who constantly push themselves to master new and exciting things. A growth mindset will also help the team to learn and adapt faster.
  • Understand why buyers buy: By understanding why buyers buy helps the market team to make better content and creative marketing strategies. It also helps to know the channel to reach ideal customers and see why they will buy.

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