Blankon Technology Solutions

A Journey from a Dream to Reality

“Great markets make great companies.”

― Don Valentine

Blankontech? Let's go back to 2018 when Hendrik and Cuxiang (founders and co-founders of Blankontech) were freelancing. Holding different roles (Senior Developer and Quality Assurance). Fintech, Agritech, Healthtech, and Insurtech are some of the business sectors they have handled. They realized that many products they made were great but didn't meet the market demands. The time, energy, and money spent to realize the idea will be in vain when it doesn't meet market demands.

― Our Vision

Become a trusted pioneer company by contributing to the development of technology globally.

Our Core Values

Exemplifying Dedication: Where We Speak and Act with Purpose

Growth Mindset
Problem Solver
Critical Thinking


A value that describes the commitment, perseverance, and loyalty one shows toward a company. It requires putting one's heart and soul into a task and being resolute in seeing it through, despite any obstacles or difficulties that may arise.

Meet the Blankontech Maestros

Maestros, We are a dynamic group of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and dreamers. Together, we bring diverse expertise, unwavering passion, and a shared commitment to excellence. Meet the extraordinary minds behind our success.

  • Cuxiang Buhana


    in my off-hours, I'm playing 'pawsome' sidekick to my dog or escaping to pure, building- free nature.

  • Hendrik Tukunang

    Managing Partner

    Dashing dad, husband-extraordinaire, navigating fatherhood one diaper at a time. My life’s a sitcom, my daughter and wife are the critics!

  • Imas Pradhipta Bagaskara


    Office pun-slinger, tech trend surfer, with a smile wider than my browser history. I cheer, I chill, I code...sometimes.

  • Wahid Rizkika Akbar

    Backend Developer

    Coffee-fueled charmer, outshining Hendrik, thriving on silent tunes and communal camaraderie!

  • Dinda Mayda N.

    Happiness Officer

    Ocean addict, volunteer junkie, and journaling fanatic. I'm just a mermaid who swapped her shell collection for community service and memoirs!

  • Gabriella Stefani Indrayani

    Finance, Tax, and Accounting

    Nature-loving, people-helping melody addict. I'd rather be lost in the woods than found in the city. Trees, tunes, and team-standwork - that's me!

  • Gusti Naila Elfara


    Cat-herding queen by day, HR guru by night. Living the dream one kitty cuddle and resume at a time!

  • Livia Kristina


    Obsessive Compulsive Organizer. I don't just tidy - I turn messes into masterpieces.

  • Sari Setianingsih

    Backend Developer

    Master of puzzles and work-life circus, taming tasks and tomatoes alike. My garden grows as fast as my problem-solving skills!

  • Rede Akbar Wijaya

    Backend Developer

    Tech-obsessed hermit by day, bookworm by night, and SpongeBob's biggest fan in between. My life's a sitcom where even gadgets laugh!

  • Ahmad Aji Santoso

    Frontend Developer

    Enjoys coding, cooking, and sleeping. Loves experimenting with new recipes in free time and values rest for productivity and creativity.

  • Musyafa Arif Huda

    Backend Developer

    Peace-loving tech geek, champion of the 'work smart' mantra. I'm on a zen quest for efficiency in a world of charging cables!

  • Nabeel Yusuf Safatullah

    Fullstack Developer

    Adventurous thinker, constantly crafting new shenanigans. Anime fanatic who's living life like it's one big anime blooper reel. Buckle up for the ride!

  • Dimas Adi Syahbani A.P.

    Fullstack Designer

    Nature-lover scaling mountains, badminton champ, swim fanatic, game wizard. Life's a joyride!

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